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Kyoto Club is a non-profit organisation founded in February 1999. Its members are business companies, associations and local municipalities and governments engaged in reaching the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol, by the EU ones for 2030 and by the December 2015 Paris Agreement. To reach its goals and to support bio, green and circular economy patterns, Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising initiatives, information and training to foster energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, waste reduction and recycling and sustainable agriculture and mobility. Kyoto Club is represented on the Board of Managers of the EU-ASE, European Alliance to Save Energy and of the eceee, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, it has observatory status with the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is member of the EU Transport & Environment network. Towards Italian, EU and UNFCCC public decision-makers, Kyoto Club puts forward policy proposals to make institutional decisions more and more environment and climate friendly.

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